It’s like a horror movie with a villain you can’t run from. Biden’s hidden tax of rising prices is already hitting Americans hard.

Consumer prices surged 5% in May, the largest spike in 13 years and higher than economists’ expectations.

Core inflation, which excludes food and gas prices, rose at its fastest pace since 1992. That’s ALMOST 30 YEARS.  

Let’s break that down. According to the newest data, when compared to last May, prices for:

  • Gas increased 56.2 percent
  • Energy increased 28.5 percent
  • Fuel oil increased 50.8 percent
  • Used cars and trucks increased 29.7 percent
  • Food increased 2.2 percent
  • Clothing increased 5.6 percent
  • Transportation services increased 11.2 percent

So if you buy food, gas, clothes, live in a house that requires energy, or travel almost anywhere using almost any form of transportation, you’re paying more for it.

Even liberal economists warn that the real question is “how big the downside was” of Biden’s reckless spending.

Turns out it’s a lot, and Biden’s far-left tax-and-spend proposals threaten to make things worse.