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MLB fell for Georgia election spin but rest of US catching on

RNC Chair McDaniel: Dems' All-Star Game antics – MLB fell for Georgia election spin but rest of US catching on


Dems' All-Star Game antics – MLB fell for Georgia election spin but rest of US catching on
Fox News
RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel
July 13, 2021 

"In March, President Joe Biden, voting rights activist and former Georgia State Rep. Stacey Abrams and their Democrats wielded cancel culture as a weapon and robbed the state of Georgia out of $100 million. 
"Democrats, enabled by their allies in the mainstream media, built a cynical narrative of lies about Georgia’s election laws to bully Major League Baseball into moving its All-Star Game out of Atlanta. 

"With the All-Star Game and its accompanying economic windfall taking place this week in Denver – a largely white city, in sharp contrast to Atlanta’s incredible diversity – it’s worth reflecting on the real-world damage that Democrat lies about election integrity can cause. 
"The Georgia election reforms in question actually make it easier to vote and harder to cheat, and most of its initiatives are widely popular. The reforms expand early voting to 17 days, giving the Peach State more early voting than blue-state strongholds like New York and Delaware. 

"Recent polling commissioned by the Republican National Committee (RNC) shows that a remarkable 87% of voters support banning ballot trafficking, a position upheld by the recent United States Supreme Court landmark decision Brnovich vs. Democratic National Committee
"The same poll found that 78% of American voters support voter ID requirements as a common-sense, uncontroversial method of promoting voting security. Democrats must have seen the numbers: prominent Georgia figures like Stacey Abrams and Raphael Warnock are now dishonestly claiming never to have opposed voter ID requirements. Georgians see right through their opportunistic backtracking. 

"Democrats have also seized on ballot drop-boxes as an example of Republicans restricting access to voting. An objective examination of Georgia’s history of drop-box usage renders Democrat arguments – once again – completely false. Drop-boxes appeared in Georgia as part of an emergency provision adopted by the state board of elections to contend with voting challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"This is why the RNC is fully invested in correcting the record on Georgia’s election law reforms by exposing Democrats’ lies. 
"We recently made a 7-figure ad buy highlighting the Democrats All-Star Game scam and held a successful event in Atlanta this weekend rallying Republicans in our efforts to hold Democrats accountable. 
"Our election integrity website, protectthevote.com, is full of key information pointing out the inconsistencies in the Democrats narrative about Georgia and other states trying to improve their elections. 
"We have also intervened in the Biden Department of Justice’s power-grab lawsuit against the state of Georgia, fighting back against Democrat efforts to legally strong-arm the state into making its elections less secure. 
"Democrats have established their power grab playbook: dishonesty, hyperbole, and grandstanding. Their arguments universally lack substance and wither under any level of scrutiny. 
"Americans won’t fall for their tricks again because the conversation around election integrity is clear: in Georgia and nationwide, voters support Republican efforts to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat." 

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