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RNC Hosted Roundtable with Latin American Advocates to Promote Democracy in Cuba

RNC Hosted Roundtable with Latin American Advocates to Promote Democracy in Cuba 

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee (RNC) hosted a bilingual roundtable this week with Latin American freedom advocates to discuss the ongoing situation in Cuba and the Republican efforts to promote and defend democracy in Latin America.

“The Republican Party stands in solidarity with the Cuban people, who are risking everything to march for freedom and call for an end to the communist dictatorship that has oppressed them for more than six decades. Biden’s lack of leadership is a disgrace. His administration must stop perpetuating the lie being told by Cuba’s dictator and denounce communism,” said RNC Communications Director Danielle Alvarez. “The RNC stands steadfastly with the people of Cuba and across Latin America who are fighting for freedom and against communism. We must do that because we cannot allow those failed policies to be exported here.”

Panelists included Cuban political prisoner and human rights advocate Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez, Former Nicaraguan Ambassador Manuel S. Abaunza, Fabio Andrade from CAPAC, and Ernesto Ackerman with IVAC. These advocates from Cuba, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Venezuela expressed the importance of defending democracy and supporting Cuba in their fight for freedom.

 RNC Hispanic Communications Director Jaime Florez said, “The Republican Party is concerned with the lack of action and commitment from the Biden administration in the face of the threats to democracy and freedom in Latin America, in contrast to the firm actions taken by the previous Republican administration. The RNC is committed to defending freedom and democracy, and I encourage every freedom-loving person to do the same.”

Former Cuban Political Prisoner Antunez offered his perspective saying, "What is happening in Cuba is the result of so many years of oppression... It is sad to hear the media say that we are in the streets demanding vaccines or because of the pandemic. This is not a fact, this is not the truth. Cubans are demanding freedom."

"There is no question about it. The effect Cuba's communist regime has had throughout the region is very dangerous... this is not an issue about only the Cuban people or only Venezuela or only Colombia," added Fabio Andrade, President of the Colombian American Political Action Committee. "This is a regional problem that is happening, and it is historic. You guys are making history, the RNC inviting Latinos from all around the country to talk about important issues."


  • Cuba’s communist dictator is attempting to silence those who have the courage to speak out against its disastrous policies through violence, intimidation, and internet blackouts.
  • Joe Biden and Democrats are weak on Cuba
  • Democrats keep trying to appease the Communist regime by removing sanctions, which only benefits the brutal dictatorship and not the Cuban people.
  • Instead the communist regime tightens its grip on the Cuban people and exports their failed experiment to Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and beyond.
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